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The Loons of Holland Pond

In 2009, Andrew Hepburn was spending time in his canoe on Holland Pond. His late night and early morning trips filled him with a desire to write poems about the loons that were so vividly filling his senses. After writing the poems, he got together with musicians David Budbill, who plays the Shaku Hachi fulte on this CD, and Peter Lewy, Mickey Justice and Bob Hayman. William Barklow, who created the loon calls for "On Golden Pond", also joined them. Together they re-created the rich sensations that Hepburn had known while in his canoe. Hepburn's voice is perfect for the telling of these poems, and the loons' voices are just as perfect.

You can purchase a copy of this CD for $12 from Andrew Hepburn. Call 802-684-3848 or email

Parcel 141

Kate Chatot, a native Vermonter and new local author, has just released her first book (March, 2010). It is called Parcel 141. It is a chronicle of a decade-long property rights litigation involving an old Cabot Vermont country road located along the western shores of Joe's Pond.

The pith of this true story involves three abutting landowners with conflicting views pertaining to the potential of an undeveloped parcel of land - parcel 141. The story involves local, state and environmental laws and traditions. The case even made it to the Vermont Supreme Court THREE times. It will familiarize you with prescriptive law, the distinction between a discontinued road vs. a thrown up road (one a town just stops maintaining), unidentified corridors, historical and contemporaneous safe use, unambiguous warranty deed language, and the idea that the wheels of justice do turn, but slowly. The book will hopefully dissuade any potential landowner from purchasing land known to have serious unresolved access issues.

It is a timely 220 page book that culminates with an outline of the Vermont Ancient Road bill passed during the Vermont 2006 Legislative session. It poignantly shows the effects on future development potential when a Town discontinues a highway.

Parcel 141 is available now at or It is also available at local bookstores and at Diamond Hill Store in Danville. The softcover edition is $15.95. The hardcover edition is $25.95.

"Around the Pond"

Sold Out By Popular Demand

Lifelong Joe's Pond Association member, Bill Rossi, began his work in the spring of 2009. He spent countless hours talking with people, compiling his database, and in his boat taking pictures. The result is his book, "Around the Pond", printed by Leahy Press. On 10/9/2009, Bill's book was ready, and he sent us the following: "My book "Around the Pond" is ready. It is a tour around the pond with COLOR PHOTOS of the camps, owners' names, phone numbers, and winter locations. The cost is $20 plus postage. Contact Bill Rossi at 802-563-6088 or"

The book is also available at Hastings Store in West Danville, and at Diamond Hill Store in Danville. Check back here for more outlets as they are added.

The book will bring you back to the pond when you are not here. It will be an excellent reference book. And, it will make your coffee table much more interesting!

Cabot, Vermont: A Collection of Memories From the Century Past

Researched and written by J. Brown, B. Carpenter, and A. Legare. Published by the Cabot Oral History Committee. (Barre, Vt.: L. Brown & Sons Printing, Inc., 1999, 2004.) Includes historical data, memories, maps and pictures compiled from interviews, diaries, journals, and personal collections of townspeople. This book is not intended as a history of the town, but has been written to preserve memories and give a glimpse into the daily lives of these hardy Vermont citizens. Liberally illustrated with photographs and other ephemera. 208 pages. Available at Hastings Store in W Danville, Boxcar and Caboose, 394 Railroad St, St Johnsbury, by emailing JPWebmaster, or here.
edited by Caleb Pitkin

Indian Joe Afghan

This afghan has been specially designed as a Joe's Pond keepsake. It measures a generous 48" x 65" and displays a map and facts about Joe's Pond along with a picture of Indian Joe. This would be an attractive wall hanging or can be used as a throw on chilly nights at Joe's Pond. Well made of sturdy woven cotton, this afghan will be a valued reminder of Joe's Pond for you and your family for years to come. Available exclusively at Hastings Store in West Danville, Vermont. Call 802-684-3398.

Indian Joe the Friendly Indian Guide

INDIAN JOE, The Friendly Indian Guide, written by William Parker Neal with drawings by Esther Cook. 16 pages. Published in 1976 by the United Methodist Church, West Danville VT, and printed at Troll Press, St. Johnsbury, Vermont. This booklet tells the story of Indian Joe, the namesake for Joe's Pond in West Danville and Cabot. Mr. Neal researched as thoroughly as possible Joe's heritage of the Abnaki and Coosuck Indian tribes, and describes Joe's early life at the pond later named in his honor, his assistance to the early settlers of the area, as well as to General Jacob Bayley and his troops in the 1700's during the French and Indian War and later the Revolution. Poetry by local poets the late Gertrude W. Wells and the late Rufus S. Whittier, both of Cabot, are included. This is a well-researched and highly enjoyable account of the life of one of Vermont's best-known historical figures. Available at Hastings Store in West Danville, Vermont (802-684-3398). $3.95.

Molly Squaw of Indian Joe

Molly, Squaw of Indian Joe is another wonderful little 12-page booklet by William Parker Neal. This is the story of Indian Joe's wife, Molly, and gives the reader a glimpse into life as an Indian woman in the 1700's. The author also writes about Molly's relationship with her husband, Joe, and their unique friendship with early settlers in Vermont.
This book is available at Hastings Store in West Danville, Vermont. (802-684-3398). $3.95.

Indian Joe The Famous Abnaki

Indian Joe The Famous Abnaki, by William Parker Neal, is a very detailed and interesting history of the Indians in this area when settlers first arrived. Author Neal gives a detailed account of the history of settlements, Indian customs, lore, and Indian Joe and his wife, Molly. This book seems to cover much of the same information as the 1976 book, but in much more detail, and is well documented. There is one photo of the grave stone marking Joe's burial spot in the Ox Bow Cemetery in Newbury Vermont.
Available at Hastings Store in West Danville, Vermont, 802-684-3398. $3.95.

Cabot's Soldiers In The Civil War

"It is Sweet and Honorable to Die for the Fatherland" is a collection of stories about Cabot, Vermont, and the soldiers it sent to the Civil War. Author David Book, former principal and teacher at Cabot School, makes a personal connection with these men and the community from which they came. He did intensive research at the National Archives in Washington, D.C., and visited fifteen national cemeteries where many Cabot soldiers are interred. Area newspapers, letters and journals were utilized to give a perspective on life in Cabot during the era. Extensive appendices are offered identifying all Cabot's Civil War soldiers. Published by Vermont Civil War Enterprises, Newport, Vermont, July 2007. Price: $15.00 plus $2.50 postage. Available from the author, David Book at 30 Gould Hill Road, Worcester VT 05682, phone 802-223-5625, e-mail, or available at Cabot Creamery Gift Shop and Visitor Center in Cabot, Vermont, 802-563-3393.

Books by E Jane Brown

"Do You Suppose" has ten colorful pictures and a verse with each that will charm your toddler. It is a perfect read-to book, imaginative and sure to get lots of giggles every time you read it to your child. Insert a picture of your child on the last page to create a surprise ending that will delight small "readers" and make them part of the fun. Written and illustrated by local author E. Jane Brown This book is available for purchase at Boxcar and Caboose, Railroad St., St. Johnsbury, VT, or here.

Books by E Jane Brown

"PINKIE": Eight year old Susan lives on a farm in Vermont with her mom and dad and brother, Eddie. A litter of pigs is born on a blustery March morning and one of them is weak and small and probably won't survive in the barn with the others. Susan pleads with her parents to let her take the baby pig into the house to try to save him. In Susan's care, the little piglet survives, and a strong bond develops between him and Susan. Pinkie captures the hearts of everyone in the family, but not without getting himself and Susan into lots of trouble. Their story is about making mistakes, facing danger, learning to trust, and growing up. For middle-grade readers, or a read-aloud story for younger children. Age 3-12. 76 pages. Written and illustrated by local author E. Jane Brown This book is available for purchase at Boxcar and Caboose, Railroad St., St. Johnsbury, VT, or here.


Rare old photographs of scenery and citizens of Cabot, Vermont. Eight groupings combined in one 60-minute DVD that you can enjoy on your home computer or television screen. Groups of photos include Buildings; People We Know; Who Are These People?; Old Home Week & Churches; Groups and Schools; Scenery & Streets; and the Wheeler Family Album in two parts. Almost 700 wonderful old pictures from the 1800's and 1900's. Postcards, tintypes, stereo optics, family portraits and early snapshots gathered in a keepsake DVD. $15.00, plus postage. Contact: Cabot Historical Society, P. O. Box 275, Cabot, Vermont 05647. Email: or JPWebmaster

Handmade "Quillows"

Click for larger image

These well made twin-sized quilts are made by Terry Powers on the shores of Joe's Pond in the Northeast Kingdom of Vermont. They are light weight, hypo-allergenic and machine washable and dryable. A "Quillow" is a small quilt, 44 - 45 inches wide by 72 inches long, that folds into it's own compact pillow case for use as a pillow. Put your hand inside the pillow to pull out the quilt - turn it inside out, spread out and the pillowcase becomes a foot warmer! They look great on a sofa or the bed or can be used in the car, the boat or anywhere you need a little extra warmth or protection from cool drafts. "Quillows" make wonderful gifts for new mothers, the elderly, youngsters to cuddle in and call their own, for Christmas or birthdays, or buy one for yourself! Terry will customize colors, add carrying straps, or she will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind "Quillow." --$35.00 To Order: Terry Powers, P. O. Box 172, West Danville, VT 05873, Tel. 802-684-1034

The Blodgett Papers

The Blodgett Papers combines two manuscripts written by the late Rev. Fred Blodgett. Rev. Blodgett, who grew up in Cabot, wrote "My Generation in Cabot", an account of his memories of his boyhood, the citizens of the town at the time, the buildings, business, a bit of politics and historical notes. After his death in 1954, the manuscript was given to the Cabot Public Library, by his widow, Eleanor E. (Sweet) Blodgett.
The second manuscript, "History of the Blodgett Family in America", was given in 2008 to the Cabot Historical Society, by his niece, Mary (Blodgett) Fearon, and includes narrative about each generation of the Blodgett family and genealogy.
The Cabot Historical Society, with permission from the Cabot Library and the Blodgett family, combined the two manuscripts with Blodgett family photos to produce a 168 page book. The manuscripts were not altered or edited for this project. Introductory pages and a table of contents were added and some photographs from the historical society collection were included without rearranging the original text.
Available in either hardcover or paperback:
Hard cover, $35 plus $3.95 S & H
Paperback $18 plus S & H
Checks should be made payable to: Cabot Historical Society and mailed to:
Cabot Historical Society Books, c/o Jane Brown, 640 W Shore Rd, Cabot, VT 05647
For more information, contact Cabot Historical Society President Bonnie Danenburg:
or historical society archivist Jane Brown:

Towles at Hasting's Store

The Towels on sale at Hastings Store are large and have the JOE'S Pond monogram and come in many different colors. Just what is needed after a winter shower at home. Drop in to see Garey and Jane and to pick up a towel.

Throws at Hasting's Store

The Throws on sale at Hastings Store are large and have the JOE'S Pond monogram and will keep you warm all winter. Just what is needed after a winter shower at home. Drop in to see Garey and Jane and to pick up a throw.

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