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Joe's Pond Association FALL MEETING

Joe's Pond'Association - August 25, 2018

In the absence of President Tom Dente, Vice President Don Sherwood called the meeting to order at 10 a.m. His first announcement was that due to the recent illness of Camilla, Tom could not be present. He presented a card to be signed by well-wishers after the meeting, and said updates regarding Camilla and Tom will be posted on the website blog.

He then asked if there were new members present, and Lindsay Kurrle (64 Meadow Lane) stood and was recognized.

Danville Planning Commission representatives Jenni Lavoie and Jeff Paquet were introduced and gave a short overview explaining that the commission hopes to rewrite guidelines in order to make current zoning easier to work with. He said the commission hopes to avoid having to get permits to make small changes to one"s property and asked for input by anyone interested from the Danville side of the pond. The Planning Commission will be doing a shore-land overlay and current zoning regulations may be changed. They will keep Joe's Pond people informed by notices on the JPA website, but said in order for the commission to make smart decisions, they need participation and input from those being affected. He also mentioned that there has been a recent grant of $70,000 to be spent making better connections between Danville village and communities within the town, such as West Danville and North Danville, to increase business, communications, economics, etc.

The secretary's report was read and accepted. The secretary then read a report by Tom Segale on the recent Pickle Ball Tournament fundraiser. The contest was won by Chris Keating. A total of $2,360 was realized from that event to be put towards the pickle ball/tennis courts fund.

Jack LaGue explained his treasurer's report did not reflect upcoming large bills that include taxes, insurance, the water survey and greeter program, etc. He predicted the season would end with about a $9,000 surplus, mostly due to the dues increase this year.

The question was asked, how many camps are presently paying dues, and Jack estimated about 95%. There was some discussion, but no issues raised.

Nancy Buttura reported the cookbook deadline for recipes to be submitted is the end of September. She said the previous cookbook brought in about $24,000, and she hopes this new one will surpass that.

Bo Keach announced a correction should be made for the Cocktail Party later today. It is from 4:00 to 7:30, with music from 4:30 to 7:30.

Don said the fireworks display this year was a total disappointment. He was not here in July, and explained when he got back he contacted Northstar Fireworks and they responded with a letter from their representative, D. J. Montague. Don read the letter which will be posted on the JPA website. Northstar will make up for their error next year by offering us a larger package with a $1,500.00 increase at their expense which will be more in line with what other towns spend on their displays. He said that amount does not cover the same amount of product as it once did. Prices for the fireworks have gone up like everything else, including insurance, wages, etc., so we may want to rethink that expenditure. Treasurer LaGue suggested the board should discuss that after next year's display when we've had a chance to see what a larger display would look like.

Don contacted Cabot Road Commissioner Karen Deasey about speed problems along West Shore Road. Karen responded with a letter which Don read. That letter is posted on the JPA website. Although Ms. Deasey said in her letter speed limit signs and Slow Camp Area would be put up, that has not been done.

Susan Bouchard reported the Sunfish races were a success this season and the trophy will be engraved with the 2018 winners' names. The Sunfish results for 2018 season were in the Single Division:1st: Jack LaGue, 2nd: Jay Chatot and 3rd: Ray Rouleau. In the Double Division: 1st: Joey & Suzie Cassani, 2nd: Jake Maya Hynes and 3rd: Brian Tomas Hynes. She also mentioned a nice article published in the Caledonian Record. Susan received applause for a job well done.

Pam Hebert reported the water survey was done as scheduled in early August and the report was that there were no invasive species found and the pond was perfect and "looks beautiful"

Larry Rossi reported the biggest project on his agenda this coming year is to replace more of the heavy wooden tables. He said in the spring they will be available for sale. Other than that, only general maintenance is needed.

Ray Rouleau was not present, but the secretary reported signs will be taken down by the end of September. Gina Kurrle, speaking for Ray, asked that people not attach items on the signs. She suggested placing any signs or posters on a separate stake and place them near the JPA signs, but please, do not tack or otherwise hang anything there.

Beth Wechsler stated that the Barre Avenue turn is very dangerous as traffic coming off Route 2 comes down the hill very fast and Barre Avenue is a blind spot for them as well as for anyone coming off Barre Avenue heading up towards Route 2. She has asked Danville to trim the bushes, which they did, but not enough and it is still dangerous. Don Sherwood will contact Mr. Gadapee in Danville to see if that situation can be remedied. Suggestions included having a "Hidden"or Blind Drive Sign posted near Barre Avenue. Fencing also needs to be put up near the Dam are so young children might not wander off and fall in. Jack indicated that he thought that it was OK to remove the Lilies from in from of the camps.

There was some discussion about leaving the pavilion open for people to use during September, and Jack said the curtains will be left for a while and the bathroom will be available to allow access for tennis/pickle ball players and the ladies who come for Mah-Jongg.

Fella Buttura mentioned that Jeremy and Lori Grenier from Graniteville have purchased the Amidon camp next to Comstocks. They will remove the camp and build a new one this fall.

The meeting was adjourned at 10:50 a.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Brown, Secretary