May 26, 2018
01:56 AM

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MINUTES, August 26, 2017

Joe's Pond Association Fall Meeting

Our Fall Meeting convened at 10:08 with good attendance. Tom praised Don Sherwood for "quietly going about his business" of overseeing fireworks and doing a great job, as always. The crowd agreed with a round of applause.

Tom requested help on Sunday at 1 p.m. for about half an hour or less to put equipment away for the season.

The secretary's report was read and accepted. Treasurer Jack LaGue, said there were some unpaid expenses that would bring down the $42,045.00 end of the year balance shown on the report he handed out. Unpaid bills for lining the tennis courts for pickleball, insurance, and payment for greeters at the boat launch will reduce the balance to about $38,000, which is about the same as last year.

President Dente explained issues addressed at the August 12 Board Meeting: (1) Dues next year will be payable on line using major credit cards. (2) Criteria for membership will remain unchanged. (3) Posting notices any place other than your own property should always have owner's permission; this includes notices on JPA road signs.

Susan Bouchard thanked members for their cooperation in making the second annual Sunfish Races a success. She said the three races this year went smoothly and plans are to have three races next year. She thanked Commodore Tom Dente and Camilla, Jamie Dimick for overseeing the buoys, and Mark and Rosie Smith for their generous support. She said volunteers are needed for next year and asked anyone interested in assisting with the races get in touch with her. Members gave her a round of applause.

Pam Hebert reported there were no issues monitoring for invasive water plants this year, and thanked her crew and the "good stewards" who had also dealt with invasive on-shore weeds. She also received a round of applause in appreciation.

Ray Rouleau reported only one change - the Balivet place on Island Drive was recently sold to Maurice and Cynthia DuBois, of Shelburne, VT.

Larry reported everything is in good shape and he will order eight rectangular tables in addition to the 14 new round tables already in place. He also said he will not forget again to have the large sign on the pavilion refurbished. He said Thierry Guerlain has been instrumental in promoting pickle ball - lots of people are playing - new posts are in place and two courts have been lined. Thierry said pickle ball is in play seven days a week at 9 a.m. each day, and learners are welcome. (He received a round of applause.)

Tom added that there was a real danger in the way the net comes down, so the Board felt it was necessary to replace the posts quickly to avoid someone being hurt. He said normally the matter would come before the members, but this was an unusual, dangerous situation that needed to be dealt with quickly.

Tom expressed his tanks to members for their excellent support of all events during the past season and said the events produced some income and in addition, people had a lot of fun.

The meeting was opened to members for questions. Someone asked about the community dock at West Danville, and Jack LaGue explained that it was being taken care of - volunteers had straightened it but it still needs barrels to stabilize and new cleats, which Larrabee's Building Supply has agreed to donate.

Diane Sherwood asked if members would consider raising dues. After a little discussion, she presented a motion to raise dues to $40. The motion was seconded. A lengthy discussion followed. While the bylaws state the thrust of the Joe's Pond Association is water quality, members argued everything that goes on around the pond, including the pavilion activities, tennis courts, playground, basketball court, etc., contributes to the welfare of the pond. A motion was presented to amend the original motion to raise dues "for the purpose of maintaining the facilities." This motion was seconded. There was more discussion, during which Tom Segale said his committee is ready to raise money but they feel they will need help from the Association. After considerable discussion, President Dente asked for a vote, "To raise dues $15 for the purpose of maintaining the recreational facilities, and that additional money be in a separate, revocable fund to be used with the Board's approval." The vote was overwhelmingly in favor of that proposal.

Respectfully submitted,

Jane Brown, Secretary

NOTE: Subsequent to the meeting, the Board noted that Article V of the bylaws sets the dues at $25 and that Article X of the bylaws provides that the bylaws can be amended by majority vote provided that one week's notice of the proposed change has been given. Accordingly, the motion from the floor to increase the dues from $25 to $40 was out of order since it effectively amended the bylaws but without the required one-week notice. However, Article V, Section 2, of the bylaws empowers the Board to determine the amount of the annual dues. The Board has met and approved an increase in dues to $40 in 2018 to reflect the will of the membership. In the spring, the Board will propose, with proper notice, conforming amendments to the bylaws, which will be presented for a membership vote at the spring meeting.