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June 02, 2020
08:47 PM

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SubjectDateAuthorLast Update
For sale2020-06-01Cindy DuBois2020-06-01

Comment: Barely used paddle boat! $300.00

Found Navy youth down jacket2020-05-30Sue Brault2020-05-30

Comment: Found a Youth Navy down jacket in the water with the name Charlie. Its now hanging on my dock at Camp Old Joe. We are the blue camp with the white porch near the fishing access. If yours come pick up.


Comment: After studying the quarantine requirements in Vermont, how do the 1 week rentals work? People rent for a week of vacation but cannot go,out for a walk, a hike or a bike ride? Why would anyone rent?

Rentals REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2020-05-24
Reply: This was in the Burlington Free Press on 5/19, and it seems to confirm what you have said: "According to the Health Department, people must stay inside their home and away from others for 14 days if they believe they were exposed to a person with COVID-19 or if they have recently come to Vermont from outside the state. Department guidance says that people in quarantine cannot: Go to work. Go outside for walks, bike rides or hikes. Go out for groceries or other essential items. People in quarantine must also try to stay in a separate room of their home from others, if possible, the Health Department guidance said." I see your point.
Ice Out2020-05-20Martin Schamberger2020-05-20

Comment: What was the winning date and time? Thanks!

Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2020-05-20
Reply: Hi Martin, The ice went out at at 6:07 am on April 15th. There were two winners who both guessed 6:05 am. Thank you for the question.
Piece of Aluminum Dock2020-05-19Sheila Calevro2020-05-19

Comment: We are missing a piece of our aluminum dock. May have flowed out with high water. Please contact Sheila Calvero at 802-249-2757. Barre Avenue.

Spring Meeting and Other Events2020-05-16Joe Hebert2020-05-16

Comment: The JPA Board of Directors met today and as expected because of the Covid 19 pandemic and the State of Vermont recommendations, we decided to cancel the spring meeting scheduled for May 23rd . Additionally the Pitch Tournament on June 20 was also canceled. The Sunfish sailing workshop, sailboat races and July 4th fireworks will proceed as scheduled. The tennis courts will be available for use with social distancing recommended when feasible. Although it is problematic if the other social events and meetings can be held as scheduled, the Board elected to defer any further cancellations at this time. As we are all aware this is an extremely fluid situation, and we anticipate final decisions will be made approximately two weeks before any events. Please feel free to contact me or any other board member if you have any questions or comments.

Joe Hebert, President, Joes Pond Association

JPA Spring Meeting2020-05-15Steve & Bev Allen2020-05-15

Comment: Will the Spring Meeting still be held on the 23rd? Governor Scott has said no meetings larger than 10 people and social distancing must still be observed which might make the JPA Schedule out of bounds...

JPA Spring Meeting REPLY
Reply By: Joe Hebert
Last Update: 2020-05-16
Reply: The meeting has been canceled. Decisions about future events and meetings will be made later
8:00 am 04/29/202020-04-29Jeff Hale2020-04-29

Comment: My guess on ticket # 7,432 was 04/15/20 11:15 am.

8:00 am 04/29/20 REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2020-04-29
Reply: Jeff, This guess is close but not the closest. Please take a look at the ice out page. Fred
I can’t find my dates I picked2020-04-23Erin2020-04-23

Comment: Will you notify the two winners even if they don’t contact you?

I can’t find my dates I picked REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2020-04-23
Reply: Hi Erin, Would you email me at Did you buy your tickets online? Yes, we do contact the winner(s). Fred
Thanks for the webinar2020-04-22Dorothea Penar2020-04-22

Comment: I really enjoyed watching the webinar on natural shorelands. I hope everyone takes the time to view the webinar. It takes everyone on the Pond to help keep our water clean.

block placement2020-04-202020-04-20

Comment: is block still placed on a pallet?

block placement REPLY
Reply By: Diane Rossi
Last Update: 2020-04-20
Reply: Yes. Still on a pallet
block placement REPLY
Reply By: Joe Hebert
Last Update: 2020-04-20
Reply: Yes, according to Larry Rossi who places the block each year. It is on a pallet similar to what was used for several years at Homer Fitts camp.
Ice out location2020-04-18Doug Hamilton2020-04-18

Comment: Seems like a new location for the block is in order.It was obvious to many of us why the TV coverage was not at the block location as it would have been obvious that the ice was a long way from being gone.It would be so easy to do it right and locate the block in a different part of the lake like in the cove near the rec.area.The rail trail goes by there and a lot of people would see it when using the trail.If we can make it better,we should at least give it a shot!

Ice out location REPLY
Reply By: Suzanne Masland
Last Update: 2020-04-19
Reply: I like that idea! I have found the ice out disappointing in the last few years. I know it has its value and many people appreciate it, but it feels odd for the "ice out" to happen when we then see the ice for another week at least. This is not to criticize all the folks who worked so hard to move the site and put it out each year.
Ice out location REPLY
Reply By: Jack LaGue
Last Update: 2020-04-21
Reply: There has always been ice still on the pond when the block drops. In my experience when we were living on he pond full-time, most years it takes 24-48 hours from when the clock stops until the pond is mostly free of ice. There were different problems with the location on the south shore. Many years the clock stopped because a large piece of ice drifted away from the shore and severed the connection to the clock but the flag could still be seen and much of the pond to the north of the flag was free of ice. While I'm not opposed to another location, any alternative location would need to have electricity readily available and preferably someone there regularly to keep an eye on the setup. Given the number of people who are right on the main pond in April it narrows the potential locations. But no matter what, the bet is on when the connection to the clock is severed, whether it is because the block drops through the ice or the ice moves away from shore or whatever. If people are troubled that the game isn't perfect then they can choose not to play.... it is just for fun after all.
Ice Out2020-04-17Pamela2020-04-18

Comment: Just wondering if we could look at a different location or readjust when the block is placed. It seems rather troublesome to me that the past 2 ice outs happen when the ice isn’t remotely out. It’s still quite white and fairly solid. I have had a number of local people ask why the ice went out but it didn’t. Not sure exactly what the differences where but when it was placed at Fitts’ it seemed more ice was gone. Granted there were issues with the location for sure there, but I think we can do a better job. Maybe talk to the people who have done it previously?? Maybe have it as a topic at the Annual Meeting? Just wondering... Seems like now we are voting on when the clock will stop but not when the ice is out. Just a suggestion.

Reply By: Diane Rossi
Last Update: 2020-04-18
Reply: You are right. We need a rocket scientist on this. Someone who can analyze the layers of ice that have been laid down over the course of a crazy VT winter. Someone who can accurately predict wind, temperature and sunshine during the crucial final weeks. Someone who can design and build a foolproof block and pallet that will not sink like a rock as soon as the ice turns to mush, or float around out there forever. Keeping the snowmobiles off the line, and the power on at all times are separate issues altogether. But no one is obligated to participate, and there are thousands of people having fun with this as well as someone getting a nice check and the JPA making enough money to help with fireworks that make people smile. We keep trying, but we often get it wrong. Especially now, with so much sadness and death, I think it's all worth it.
Reply By: Joe Hebert
Last Update: 2020-04-18
Reply: While we acknowledge there is no one ideal spot for locating the block certainly alternatives can be considered. We can have an open discussion at our annual meeting but I would suggest the writer and other interested parties investigate other possible sites.
Reply By: Bill
Last Update: 2020-04-18
Reply: Just because you can still ice fish when a winner is declared is no need to question the establishment.
Ice out2020-04-122020-04-12

Comment: Just curious update on ice

Ice out REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2020-04-12
Reply: We were asked this question on April 10. Here is what one of our committee member said: I am on the ice out committee and live on the pond. It is really hard to tell what is going on with the ice. It seems fairly solid, but I have not seen anyone walking on it for the past week or so. There is a little open water where the springs feed the pond and very little around the edges of the big pond. Fred
web cam2020-04-022020-04-03

Comment: Is there a web cam?

web cam REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2020-04-03
Reply: No, we don't have webcam.
Will Do Odd Jobs2020-02-10Eugene Davis2020-02-10

Comment: Call 802-473-6257. Will do odd jobs like shoveling roofs, etc. Eugene Davis, Roy Road, Danville.

June to Sep. rental wanted2020-01-12Matthew Burak2020-01-12

Comment: Local couple in between houses would like camp on lake for the summer. We can be gone a portion of stay to give owners camp time. Willing to handle property management issues that might arise, as well as do minor repairs or grounds keeping. We will leave your camp better than we found it. Old world charm and location matters most to us. TVs and modern appliances not so much. Contact: Cindy 802-274-1122 Matthew 802-274-3352

Cyanobacteria bloom2019-10-02Dorothea Penar2019-10-02

Comment: We had another small bloom of cyanobacteria in the Narrows cove area. It was of a limited size, but lasted most of the day last Friday. Given that the water is significantly colder and many of the camps are not occupied, I think the heavy rains we had last Wednesday and Thursday maybe a significant factor in causing the bloom. Please be aware that storm water runoff brings a lot of nutrients to the pond on all slopes, so avoid fertilizing lawns, avoid clearing the natural vegetation along the shore, and keep the upland trees as much as possible.

Boat Winterizing/Storing2019-09-12Kyle Johnson2019-09-12

Comment: Fellow Joes Ponders, I now have cleared out land ready for a bunch of boats to be stored over winter! I am winterizing and shrink wrapping any boats out there. Let me know if anyone wants me to take their boats out and put back in for the spring! Call me at 802-535-6735.

Statement From JPA President Hebert2019-07-15Fred2019-07-15

Comment: Statement issued today by President Hebert:

"I want to thank everyone for their concerns and comments in the last 10 days regarding boater safety issues on the pond. Hopefully through this open dialog we will all become more conscious of the appropriate rules, regulations, and more respectful of our neighbors and the environment. Unfortunately we continue to hear of ongoing issues. Most recently there have been reports of jet skis operating close to shore in the boat access area. If you have a concern the Vermont State Police is the agency that deals with boating safety complaints. The local number is 748-3111. I spoke with them today and was informed that obtaining information such as boat type, color or especially a registration number would greatly facilitate their investigation. Lets all continue to be a bit more considerate and try to minimize this situation. Joe Hebert President, JPA "

Fireworks watching2019-06-23Brian Sullivan2019-06-23

Comment: I am trying to figure out the best place to watch the fireworks this year.

Fireworks watching REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2019-06-23
Reply: We know the village of W Danville (the beach area) is not a good place to watch from. Probably on the water in a boat is best. The fireworks are at the northeast end of the pond, so probably one of those roads off Rte 15, like Davison Hill Road, if you can find a parking space, would be good. I think you had asked this question some time ago, and thank you for asking it again.