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April 04, 2020
11:57 AM

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SubjectDateAuthorLast Update
web cam2020-04-022020-04-03

Comment: Is there a web cam?

web cam REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2020-04-03
Reply: No, we don't have webcam.
Will Do Odd Jobs2020-02-10Eugene Davis2020-02-10

Comment: Call 802-473-6257. Will do odd jobs like shoveling roofs, etc. Eugene Davis, Roy Road, Danville.

June to Sep. rental wanted2020-01-12Matthew Burak2020-01-12

Comment: Local couple in between houses would like camp on lake for the summer. We can be gone a portion of stay to give owners camp time. Willing to handle property management issues that might arise, as well as do minor repairs or grounds keeping. We will leave your camp better than we found it. Old world charm and location matters most to us. TVs and modern appliances not so much. Contact: Cindy 802-274-1122 Matthew 802-274-3352

Cyanobacteria bloom2019-10-02Dorothea Penar2019-10-02

Comment: We had another small bloom of cyanobacteria in the Narrows cove area. It was of a limited size, but lasted most of the day last Friday. Given that the water is significantly colder and many of the camps are not occupied, I think the heavy rains we had last Wednesday and Thursday maybe a significant factor in causing the bloom. Please be aware that storm water runoff brings a lot of nutrients to the pond on all slopes, so avoid fertilizing lawns, avoid clearing the natural vegetation along the shore, and keep the upland trees as much as possible.

Boat Winterizing/Storing2019-09-12Kyle Johnson2019-09-12

Comment: Fellow Joes Ponders, I now have cleared out land ready for a bunch of boats to be stored over winter! I am winterizing and shrink wrapping any boats out there. Let me know if anyone wants me to take their boats out and put back in for the spring! Call me at 802-535-6735.

Refrigerator2019-08-03Bob Noyes2019-08-14

Comment: Frigidaire Refrigerator Top Freezer, 1-1/2 Year Old, Ice Maker, 69" high, 32" wide White $400.00 508-380-4860

Refrigerator REPLY
Reply By:
Last Update: 2019-08-14
Reply: The refrigerator has been sold Thank you.
Reply to "Road blocked"2019-08-032019-08-03

Comment: You can contact the state police. The road must be kept open for emergency vehicles.

Road blocked2019-08-03Scott Pelok2019-08-03

Comment: Is there any thing that can be done about rentals parking so many vehicles on road, it’s barely passable. 268 Sandy Beach has 14 cars parked on both sides of road and I can barely squeeze through. Rents say it’s a public road and you can squeeze thru! Really?

Free Full Size Bed2019-08-02Julie Hendrickson2019-08-02

Comment: Includes mattress, box spring and lovely antique metal frame. call 802-279-0079

Green swimmng "noodle"2019-07-20Dorothea Penar2019-07-20

Comment: If you are missing a very nice green swimming float, noodle. You can find it near the narrows at 14 Narrows Dr., Penar camp.

Statement From JPA President Hebert2019-07-15Fred2019-07-15

Comment: Statement issued today by President Hebert:

"I want to thank everyone for their concerns and comments in the last 10 days regarding boater safety issues on the pond. Hopefully through this open dialog we will all become more conscious of the appropriate rules, regulations, and more respectful of our neighbors and the environment. Unfortunately we continue to hear of ongoing issues. Most recently there have been reports of jet skis operating close to shore in the boat access area. If you have a concern the Vermont State Police is the agency that deals with boating safety complaints. The local number is 748-3111. I spoke with them today and was informed that obtaining information such as boat type, color or especially a registration number would greatly facilitate their investigation. Lets all continue to be a bit more considerate and try to minimize this situation. Joe Hebert President, JPA "

Painting - Carpentry2019-07-14Ron Bussolotti2019-07-14

Comment: I am a local house painter and carpenter with 30 years experience in the trades. I have many excellent local references. Call or text Ron at 802-279-9742 or email

Lost floating dock2019-06-24Michael Brault2019-06-24

Comment: Our one piece floating dock broke free in the past week or so. 4ft by 15ft w/blue float material underneath. Belongs to Camp Old Joe on Barre Ave. Yes, Hazel Greaves old camp. 802 563 2023 or 802 238 3170 Thank you

Fireworks watching2019-06-23Brian Sullivan2019-06-23

Comment: I am trying to figure out the best place to watch the fireworks this year.

Fireworks watching REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2019-06-23
Reply: We know the village of W Danville (the beach area) is not a good place to watch from. Probably on the water in a boat is best. The fireworks are at the northeast end of the pond, so probably one of those roads off Rte 15, like Davison Hill Road, if you can find a parking space, would be good. I think you had asked this question some time ago, and thank you for asking it again.
Is This Your Swim Raft?2019-06-05Fred2019-06-21

Comment: There is a swim raft floating against the shore on the east side of the pond near the Frank Dolan camp. Raft has a ladder.

Is This Your Swim Raft? REPLY
Reply By: Frank Dolan
Last Update: 2019-06-21
Reply: The swim raft has returned home!

Comment: Need roofer to repair area on tower at camp. Roofing company that put on metal cap has been contacted repeatedly last year and this year with no one ever showing up to look.

Runaway Dock2019-06-102019-06-10

Comment: Earlier this morning (Monday) there was an upside-down section of a dock floating in the middle pond. Boaters be on the lookout; if anyone can snag it and hitch it on shore that would be good - let us know where it is so the owner can retrieve it. JPWebsite folks.

Day Bed with Trundle for Sale2019-06-08Brad Towne2019-06-08

Comment: Complete Metal Daybed with Link Spring Support Frame and Pop-Up Trundle Bed, White Finish, Twin includes Mattresses. 802 684 1009 or 802 249-7020

for sale2019-06-07Ted2019-06-07

Comment: 3 4X8 cedar ramp sections with hardware and poles $500.00 1 manual shore station boat hoist aluminum SS-26108A load capacity 2600 lbs. $800.00 call 802-684-3883 or 802-274-1425

Lost black kayak paddle2019-06-01LaPrade2019-06-01

Comment: Missing my black kayak paddle...must have floated away.

Lost section of dock2019-05-22Mark Gerrish2019-05-30

Comment: If anyone finds a small section of wood decking for an aluminum dock please let me know. It floated off from Barre Ave. 802-461-5570

Lost section of dock REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2019-05-23
Reply: Mark, The blog has a picture of some wood. Could that be yours? Fred
Lost section of dock REPLY
Reply By: Mark Gerrish
Last Update: 2019-05-30
Reply: I found it. Thank You Fred for responding. Mark
Red kayak found2019-05-26Fred Bertrand2019-05-26

Comment: Call 563-2555

Found2019-05-25S. LaPrade2019-05-25

Comment: We have a yellow hydopro paddle that found its way to our boathouse!

Thank you2019-05-11Bill Ricker2019-05-11

Comment: Thank you Fred and Jane for your post. We saw our jet ski ramp and resumed it!! Thank you again


Comment: so i see on the last update that the ice pulled away from the shore about 6 inches does this mean that the contest is over?

iceout REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2019-04-19
Reply: No, the ice out is over when the block sinks through the ice and stops the clock. The update about the ice pulling away from shore was just meant as a tiny indication of progress.
former owners of Joes Pond2019-03-25Guy C. White 112019-03-25

Comment: I was told by my grandmother that one of my ancestors owned Joes Pond. They would have had the last name of Harvey or white. my email address is

Iceout Webcam2019-03-11Terry Einhaus2019-03-11

Comment: Will the webcam run this year. Makes it fun.

Iceout Webcam REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2019-03-11
Reply: Hi Terry, Thank you for your question. No the web cam is not available this year. This is due to personal circumstances of some ice out committee members.
2019 Joes Pond Cookbook2019-02-16Linda Bee2019-02-19

Comment: When and where will we be able to purchase the 2019 Joes Pond Cookbook? Will it be available to purchase online?

2019 Joes Pond Cookbook REPLY
Reply By: Nancy
Last Update: 2019-02-19
Reply: We will probably not have it ready till fall. We will keep you posted about availability.
Iceout Online Sales2019-01-202019-01-20

Comment: When can you purchase online

Iceout Online Sales REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2019-01-20
Reply: Online sales start 3/1.
Ice out2019-01-182019-01-18

Comment: Is there a ice out this year?

Ice out REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2019-01-18
Reply: Yes, there will be an ice out contest this year. The ice out flag is usually placed on the ice sometime in the month of March.