May 27, 2019
10:08 AM

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SubjectDateAuthorLast Update
Red kayak found2019-05-26Fred Bertrand2019-05-26

Comment: Call 563-2555

Found2019-05-25S. LaPrade2019-05-25

Comment: We have a yellow hydopro paddle that found its way to our boathouse!

Lost section of dock2019-05-22Mark Gerrish2019-05-22

Comment: If anyone finds a small section of wood decking for an aluminum dock please let me know. It floated off from Barre Ave. 802-461-5570

Lost section of dock REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2019-05-23
Reply: Mark, The blog has a picture of some wood. Could that be yours? Fred
Thank you2019-05-11Bill Ricker2019-05-11

Comment: Thank you Fred and Jane for your post. We saw our jet ski ramp and resumed it!! Thank you again


Comment: so i see on the last update that the ice pulled away from the shore about 6 inches does this mean that the contest is over?

iceout REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2019-04-19
Reply: No, the ice out is over when the block sinks through the ice and stops the clock. The update about the ice pulling away from shore was just meant as a tiny indication of progress.
former owners of Joes Pond2019-03-25Guy C. White 112019-03-25

Comment: I was told by my grandmother that one of my ancestors owned Joes Pond. They would have had the last name of Harvey or white. my email address is

Iceout Webcam2019-03-11Terry Einhaus2019-03-11

Comment: Will the webcam run this year. Makes it fun.

Iceout Webcam REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2019-03-11
Reply: Hi Terry, Thank you for your question. No the web cam is not available this year. This is due to personal circumstances of some ice out committee members.
2019 Joes Pond Cookbook2019-02-16Linda Bee2019-02-19

Comment: When and where will we be able to purchase the 2019 Joes Pond Cookbook? Will it be available to purchase online?

2019 Joes Pond Cookbook REPLY
Reply By: Nancy
Last Update: 2019-02-19
Reply: We will probably not have it ready till fall. We will keep you posted about availability.
Iceout Online Sales2019-01-202019-01-20

Comment: When can you purchase online

Iceout Online Sales REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2019-01-20
Reply: Online sales start 3/1.
Ice out2019-01-182019-01-18

Comment: Is there a ice out this year?

Ice out REPLY
Reply By: Fred
Last Update: 2019-01-18
Reply: Yes, there will be an ice out contest this year. The ice out flag is usually placed on the ice sometime in the month of March.
May 27, 2019
10:08 AM